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Implementing USEP

USEP process: create USEP partnership highlighted
USEP process: create USEP partnership highlighted

How do you start the process of facilitating a collaborative partnership?

This section of the toolkit provides ideas, documents and templates, ethics approved data collation and reflections from successful USEP partners, providing a platform to mould a partnership that will work best for your university, and lead to improved student and graduate employment outcomes.

Video transcript

The USEP program relies on a collaborative partnership approach between university staff and Disability Employment Service providers, or DES, and other stakeholders. It is crucial to the success of the USEP program that all members of the partnership fully understand their commitments and obligations. This includes allowing the USEP consultant time and space to access the resources, tools and training that can help them to do their job effectively, working collaboratively in the best interest of the students who participate and widely promoting the USEP program to any student who would benefit from it. This section provides information and templates to help prospective and participating DES providers and universities to fully understand USEP program commitments, expectations and responsibilities.
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