Young aboriginal student talking to her tutor outdoors in the sun in Australia.


USEP process: university considers and approves USEP highlighted
USEP process: university considers and approves USEP highlighted

USEP was first piloted in mid 2017. Since then, USEP Partners have continually monitored program delivery and developed good practice through utilising the National USEP collaborative framework.

This section of the toolkit showcases the USEP program from initial concept to successfully marketing and embedding USEP into university careers services.

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USEP improves graduate employment outcomes for students with disability by establishing an on-campus specialist recruitment service that links a Disability Employment Services or DES consultant with university career advisers and disability support officers.

This aligns with the university’s Strategic Disability Action Plan by working to increase graduate employment outcomes through improved preparation and support prior to and post completion of studies.

This section provides a general overview of the USEP program, including historical and statistical background to date.

Also in this section, are template presentations and other material that can be used to general interest amongst key stakeholders.

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