USEP Partnership Toolkit

Thank you for your interest in establishing a University Specialist Employment Partnership!

This toolkit outlines:

  • the benefits of participating in the USEP program
  • a range of information and resources – vital in building strong partnerships across Australia
  • how to develop a successful partnership that works best for your university

Video transcript

The University Specialist Employment Partnership program USEP supports final year university students with disability to prepare for the workforce, by honing their ability to compete for employment opportunities related to their area of study, and make key connections with employers who offer graduate and corporate roles.

This is made possible by a partnership established between universities and Disability Employment Services or DES,  with the support of the National Disability Coordination Officer program, the NDCO. In short, the aim of USEP is to line up career opportunities for students with disability, so they can gain employment upon graduation or very shortly after.

This website will help you navigate implementation of USEP at your university. It offers resources and tools to help you connect with partners that can support the employment aspirations of graduating students.

Young aboriginal student talking to her tutor outdoors in the sun in Australia.


Why does the USEP program exist? How does it create tangible employment outcomes for students and graduates with disability?

Business associates in 20s, 40s, and 50s relaxing and exchanging ideas in sitting area of modern office.


Discover how to create a proactive and positive partnership to improve student and graduate employment outcomes.

Two friends, one on a wheelchair, studying together at the park.


Find resources and information for USEP consultants enabling delivery of an exceptional level of specialist employment support.

branding and promotion materials


Branded promotional material that targets students,
academics and employers that is ready to download.

USEP and the USEP partnership toolkit are initiatives of the National Disability Coordination Officer program, an Australian Government initiative that looks to drive change so that people with disability have equitable opportunity to access, participate and achieve their goals in tertiary education and subsequent employment.
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