TAFE Specialist Employment Partnerships

Specialist employment support for TAFE students with disability

In 2019 there were 75,255 students with disability (9.93%) enrolled in TAFE nationally.

A majority of TAFE students self-report that they are mostly investing the effort and time into their study in the hopes that it will create employment opportunities for them.  

72.5% of TAFE students state that they mainly engaged in study for employment-related reasons – be it a requirement of their job that they do the course, to get a better job, to get a job, go for a promotion, or to develop or start a business.

Employment rates for TAFE students with disability are alarming – 49.1% of TAFE graduates with disability are employed post-study, compared to 74.2% of their peers without disability, and the overall rate of 76.1%. 

This gap is also reflected in students with disability who were not employed before training with an employment rate of 27.7% post-training.  Their fellow students without disability who were not employed before study have an employment rate of 43.6% post-training.  

The TSEP project aims to meet with as many TAFE students with disability as possible to identify and address the systemic blocks and barriers to employment, whilst simultaneously providing a specialist employment support for short term impact.  

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