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Interested in improving graduate outcomes for students with disability and build relationships with disability employment services?

Becoming a University Partner

If your university wants to improve graduate employment outcomes for students with disability and would like to build stronger working relationships with employment services, USEP is a proven solution.

Established 2017, USEP is now active in ten universities across Australia.  It has been recognised that collaboration between the University careers & equity/access teams work to assist with the identification and supports required by students who would like further assistance to find work.  The USEP approach offers an external disability employment specialist – who supports all sectors of the university by building disability confidence as well as the resource/link to provide teams with disability employment expertise.

USEP has developed a network of providers and consultants who are co-located at universities with the sole objective of improving graduate employment outcomes for students with disability.   The USEP Consultant at your university will collaborate with the USEP Consultants network and their corresponding universities – thereby further enhancing collaborative work and skill development.  This USEP website offers a University FAQ section and is a great place to start. Check out our blog!

If you are interested in having a discussion about setting up USEP in your location, please get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ section.

Additional Information

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