What do Australia Post & Microsoft have in common?

Imagine if…. ‘companies believed that having a diverse workforce was essential for good business. ‘ ‘employing people with disability was not seen as an add on, something else to consider in the equity mix, but was regarded as absolutely core

Improving Employment Outcomes for Graduates with Disability

Sam Flood, a recent University of Tasmania Pharmacy graduate, with above average marks, and a real commitment and passion to work in the pharmaceutical industry was reasonably optimistic about his chances of securing employment late last year. However, eight months

Research update: students and graduates with disability

Hot off the press – in the Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research is a solid article taking a closer look at the barriers that University students with disability face transitioning to graduate employment. Disability research titled: “The transition to employment:

Window of opportunity: NDIA Graduate applications now open!

We’re excited to see the NDIA’s graduate program is rolling and ready to accept applications now.  If you are University student wanting to add to the diversity and talent pool at the NDIA, we encourage you to consider working at

Survey Results – DES & University

This survey was developed to assist in the construction of University Specialist Employment Partnerships.  As a starting point, we wanted to look into a variety of potentially impacting factors to evaluate and enhance the model that is in a pilot stage